Published on 16-Jul-18

"Outstanding fried chicken!"

This tiny establishment is located in the now non-existent village of Osiris. If you love driving down scenic country roads to find small, out-of-the-way hidden gems for great food, Grandma's is your kind of place. It is typically fairly full, I've gone several times and I've never had to wait for a table, but there are typically only a couple tables available at any time. You pay a flat rate at the door (I think $9.50 per person) and you are welcome to eat as much as you like from their buffet. Cash or local check only and FYI there are no ATMs in the immediate area. They do ask that you only take 1 piece of chicken at a time so they can keep up with demand but you can return to the buffet as often as you like for more. I believe hours are 4pm - 8pm on Friday nights. They are also open a couple of afternoons during the week but I am unsure of the details. The food is outstanding. My husband almost weeps every time we go, because he says the friend chicken is just like his grandma used to make! I never had the privilege of tasting his grandma's chicken, but I will vouch that this grandma's is month watering good. Crispy skin, tender meat. There is always another meat choice, this Friday it was pork roast. Other items on the buffet were: ham and beans, dressing, mac and cheese, green beans, and carrots. There were a few more items I am forgetting. They also have a salad bar, rolls, cornbread...and a terrific dessert bar! Lots of homemade pies, brownies, cobbler... Every time I've been they have also had one sugar free dessert option. For drinks they offer water, unsweetened tea, and lemonade. Everything is self-serve but they do have staff who will come by to take dirty plates. I would definitely recommend Grandma's to anyone craving some really outstanding home cooking!