Published on 11-Apr-19

"Owners meeting"

We were attending an ice house owners meeting and a large group of us decided to eat rather late in the evening. Staff serving us were great and checked on us frequently. Food order took a little longer than we were expecting but not real bad. Food was good. If staying at this hotel would eat here again.

Published on 06-Jan-18

"Wonderful night in"

We are staying at the Embassy Suites Hotel and decided it was too cold to go back out for dinner so we ate at Cyprus Grille. Service was excellent. Our server Lisa offered many great suggestions. There were 4 people in our party and all were very happy with our selections. The salads were very fresh and the burgers delicious. We would highly recommend this restaurant!

Published on 11-Oct-17

"Staff Was Totally Unprepared For Dinner Service"

I went here with a group of six. We were the first to arrive for dinner and the manager stood in front of us for 3-4 minutes, doing something on the computer and never even spoke to us. When he finally looked up his exact words were "Yep, what do you want?" Not the right thing to say to a group who is already annoyed by his demeanor! He appeared to be in way over his head and his people skills were definitely lacking. He seated us, took our drink orders and was back with them pretty quickly and they were good. Then he took our dinner orders. About five minutes later he came back and informed me that the Grilled Vegetables that I ordered were not available and furthermore that they had been out of vegetables for two days! I was ready to walk out at that point, but stayed because of my friends. There was really nothing else on the menu that I wanted, so I did not eat.This guy would not be working for me very long!

Published on September 29, 2023

Great location! Visited St Louis about 3 weeks ago. The hotel was quite crowded due to some youth sports conference, but I still had a perfectly adequate...

Published on September 09, 2023

Think this property was nearly 100% occupied the weekend of our stay with some youth sports event, a police dinner, and a hot tub convention! Elevators...

Published on August 31, 2023

I give Embassy Suites 4.5 stars. The suite was nice, spacious, and comfortable. I like the electronic key on the app and the ability to check in, select a...